Published Marso 2, 2011 by putrizk

Also, what hasn’t been discussed here is what happens to the guys that were brought into custody.
If “imbestigador” really was after righting a wrong they should have stayed to watch what their actions and the “due process” wrought these guys.
All 16 guys who were working there were taken into custody. Only two were caught exchanging money with the ‘help’ of the gay assets.  So what were the charges that were filed against the other 14? Working without a proper working permit. Let me repeat that working without a proper working permit. They were brought in friday night and were released tuesday afternoon for working without a proper permit. Great job. That is not all, 8 of the 14 had permits but their permits were hid when the case was heard. Great job. (Sure they can file a case, but they dont know the system… and also the system has already betrayed them.)

They had to stay inside a 6feet by 6 feet cell. Imagine 16 of them being crammed into that small cell. They were not provided any food. When we brought them food saturday night, they were so hungry it took them less than 2 minutes to finish everything. These guys, basically with no food or money, were asked to shell out a big amount of cash to be released. Some of them had to use their rent money, money that they earned to help their ailing mother etc. Money most of them did not have. Some of them were crying after… thinking were do they go from there. How do they pay the money that they borrowed to be released. Just imagine, most of these men have gone through a lot in their lives, and their tears just won’t stop flowing. It was heartbreaking.

The other two? were released after a week inside the cell with an even bigger price tag.

Unintended consequences? I dont think so. Networks use the police to get a scoop and leave the police to their own devices. A sort of symbiotic relationship. Sad huh.

If this were a true operation…. the guys working should have been ‘rescued’ and not brought to jail but instead brought to the proper agencies for processing and help.

So in the end, the network got their rating, authorities got their payoff and the poor guys were abused and became poorer. In my opinion that is the real crime.

FYI. Under the Philippine law, there are no male prostitutes. The philippine law is sexist. It only considers females to be able to work as prostitutes.


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