Published Pebrero 27, 2011 by putrizk

I stand by Ryan Philippe’s point of view rather than akoh_ishmael’s.
Everyone has the single right to do whatever he wants to his body.  Whether to use if for a profit or otherwise.  No one in this world has the right to condemn us in what we do.  Let us respect each other’s choice of living, religious belief, sexual orientation etc.  If one violates the law, then let the law castigate them for their acts. Let the law enforcers do their job. Prostitution may be illegal in this society, but let us not judge them and condemn them as immoral, a degradation to the society.  If we preach on love, then let us first learn how to respect these people.  Talk about hypocrisy.
Having prostitutes in the society doesn’t mean that that society is poor.  Even the richest countries in world have them.  In fact, it is legal in the Netherlands.  Also, not all poor people do sell their bodies for a living.  So, how could one associate prostitution from being poor.  Prostitution is a trade and it has been existing since the time of Christ.  It has been part of society — not only ours but the societies all over the world.  It  cannot be eradicated.
“Akoh_ishmael” says prostitution is immoral, lust which is one of the deadly sins. How do we gauge immorality?  Who are the guardians of morality?  And, is the teaching of deadly sins part of the Catholic teaching?  What if a person is an atheist?  a buddhist?  Do we despise them and condemn them and deprive them or their right if they prostitute themselves?  “Whoever amongst you without a sin should cast the first stone.”
Ryan Philippe is right when saying that TV shows especially Imbestigador use these tactics to rate and sell them in exchange for their living.  So, how is this this different from prostitution?  At least the prostitutes do not use and exploit other people to earn a living.  Moreover, who are the people that that Mike Enriquez is exposing?  Isn’t it the ordinary people, the poor people?  Why doesn’t he set entrapments to the politicians who amass wealth by the millions?  Why doesn’t he expose priests that molest boys? How about the tycoons evading their taxes?  The upper echelons of the drug syndicate?  So, who is now exploiting the poor and ordinary people of this society?
Prostitution or any other criminal acts may be illegal in the Philippines but that doesn’t mean that we have to expose, embarrass and exploit them on national TV.  That is an abuse of one’s capacity as a journalist.  Let us not support these kinds of TV shows.

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