Published Pebrero 15, 2011 by putrizk

The clear liquid that comes out a male’s penis before they ejaculate

Pre-cum is pre-ejaculate (also known as pre-ejaculatory fluid or Cowper’s fluid) is the clear lubricating fluid that is issued from a man’s penis when he is aroused. Slang terms for pre-ejaculate include pre-come, pre-cum, dog water, and speed drop.

Here is additional input and related advice:
•Pre-cum is pre-ejaculatory semen. It is the fluid that ejaculates from a man before the “Big Bang.” Although it is a small amount, you should always use protection because you can still get pregnant and contract STD’s from it.
•BE CAREFUL LADIES! Pre-cum may contain sperm from a previous ejaculation, so there is a chance of GETTING PREGNANT! Men don’t always know it’s going to happen, as they don’t always feel it.
•Pre-ejaculate does not usually contain sperm unless there has been an ejaculation, even a day-old ejaculation. Urinating removes some of the sperm but not all. Part of the job of pre-ejaculate is to “wash” out the penis to ensure a safe journey for the sperm when it DOES come. Pre-ejaculate has no sperm in it itself, only sperm that has been washed away on its way out.
•Pre-ejaculate is made completely separate from semen and sperm. It does NOT contain sperm, however upon its exit of the penis it may contain sperm IF there has been sperm in the urethra from a previous ejaculation. When a man orgasms about 98% of the sperm exits his body, so that means 2% of it stays in the penis. and usually washed out upon a urination. But if there has not been a urination then the pre-ejaculate will wash out the sperm, hence the possibility of pre-ejaculate containing sperm.
•Pre-ejaculate may contain sperm. This is separate from ejaculation of course, but it is possible that it contains sperm, none the less. Just like urine will contain trace sperm also, especially early in the morning.
•One of the bigger issues with pre-ejaculate is that it can transmit HIV.
•You can definitely get pregnant from using the withdrawal method. I felt this was important to state since in one of the previous statements read that it doesn’t contain sperm. Urinating for the females doesn’t remove any sperm. Consult a doctor please for sex education in the meantime always use condoms, pregnancy is not the worst case scenario, HIV/AIDS is.
•Pre-cum is the fluid that can come out of a male’s penis before they have reached their climax and finished. That is why wearing a condom is a lot more important that just pulling out before you are finished because if she is not on the pill, little bits of semen have a chance, but a very small one, of making their way to an egg.


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