Published Pebrero 4, 2010 by putrizk

do not limit your choices to films made by major studios. if you consider the indie films you’ll find out that the best performances come from such films. in the best actor side, lou veloso (colorum). the only notable performance from a mainstream film was that of john lloyd cruz’s in in my life. in the performances by an actress i wouldn’t consider vilma’s acting in in my life award-worthy. i’ve seen that performance before. but because good performances by any actress were very few last year, she will end up at least getting a nomination from each award-giving bodies. on sharon’s mano po 6: i don’t think so. she’s just overrated in everything what she does. she gave a better performance in caregiver although that one was even snubbed by urian, to which i agree. mylene dizon got the well-deserved plum for her unforgettable performance in 100, an indie film. i’m predicting that this year the critics awards will, at least, consider irma adlawan’s and ina feleo’s performances in panggagahasa kay fe and sanglaan, respectively. eugene domingo? i liked her in kimmy dora. but for her to get a nod, maybe… mahirap naman ata ang mag-comedy. and she was good at it.

i suggest that you watch films other than mainstream films. some are really worth watching.

(gerald king)


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